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Footy, Carnegies and living the High Life

It’s getting much colder in HK now, down to 16 degrees this week (once it hit 14 degrees) and it felt so cold. Maybe coming to HK makes you a wimp with weather, don’t know how we’d cope in a British winter again. On Monday night, Tony and I went to watch the Hong Kong national team play a home fixture against Australia at Mong Kok Stadium. Tickets were $85 (less than 7 quid, which is unbelievable for an international match). The stadium had been closed for a 2-year renovation but was now a quality ground – not huge but modern enough to be pretty impressive. Weird how so many things were like being at a British footy match – ticket turnstiles, programmes and the Barmy Army all painted red were chanting and drumming the same chants with ‘Hong Kong!’ instead of ‘Eng-land!’. But then you’re reminded that you’re in the middle of Asia when they have Dim Sum Cantonese food on sale at half time. Hardly a pie at the DW Stadium… HK lost 0-1, Brett Emerton of former Blackburn fame scored, but was a great match to watch.

On Tuesday, it was my co-worker Holly’s birthday so we went for sushi whilst at work and went round to her place for some beers and see a few people, glad she had a good day celebrating. After an open-rehearsal of the Chatteris Pantomime on Wednesday (which went smoothly), we watched a proper traditional British panto on Thursday night, Red Riding Hood. Not seen one in a fair few years but the amount of puns/innuendos in this one was hilarious, thanks to Holly D for organising it and getting us discounts.

The Chatteris Christmas party was on Friday night, so we headed to the South China Athletic Association in Causeway Bay. It was an feast, and we piled up 2 plates each (absolute pigs…) and had a Christmas quiz and karaoke also, with some free beers. After we headed to Carnegies for their $10 a bottle of Corona offer. We pretty much cleared the place out but was a great night – funny seeing everyone in there with our Santa hats…


On Saturday, it was Nat’s birthday so headed to Concept (nice chain of restaurants here)  for a birthday lunch. Typical Asia – take a perfectly nice spag bol and slap a fried egg on it. Only in Asia. And we wore Angry Bird Party hats I’d bought for Nat, much to the amusement of the locals at other tables. During the afternoon, we had a football mini tournament so out in the sticks it could have been in China. We lost all our games but got progressively better as they went on. First time I donned the yellow Chatteris FC shirt and played at Right-Back but despite the losses it was great to be playing competitively and as a team. That night we headed to Jack and Rich’s for Nat’s birthday night out. Jack’s famous Cam3l Bar was as impressive as ever, and we headed to Red Bar at the IFC on the island for more pre-drinking. We ended up in Carnegies again, which shows our love for the place, and Nat had a great night to celebrate her birthday. And definitely didn’t chunder in the taxi on the way back. Or in the bathroom when we were back. Definitely not.

On Sunday we had a lazy morning but headed to The Peninsula for High Tea in the afternoon. Unbelievably classy. Rolls Royce parked outside all in a line, a huge foyer Christmas tree, attention to detail everywhere, Doormen, smart waiters, a string quartet, a long queue for High Tea and a mood in the place that was so rich and refined. The High Tea consisted of pots of Edwardian style (and probably original) tea pots, with cake stands offering scones, sandwiches, mini-quiches, cakes, cookies, chocolate coffees etc. Boy from Oldham living the high life. Glad Nat enjoyed her birthday weekend, you’re famous Nat, YOU’RE ON THE INTERNET! Also shout out to my flatmate who wanted to be mentioned somewhere in this week’s post. Adrian.


Finally, to finish the week, I had some great Skype calls from Adrian Ch(ina)urchman and Erin, as well as the family who were definitely more interested in me than the Manchester Derby…
Video call snapshot 68