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iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy??

One thing we realised really early on was how important and how big smart phones are here, far much more than back in Britain. Here’s some things I’ve noticed:

  • Everyone’s got one! Even the old geezers on the MTR whack out their mobiles and play snake. Most people have either an iPhone 5 or the Samsung Galaxy like thisImage
  • There’re so bloody huge – a kid in our Language Centre brings his in and its the size of a hardback book. He answers it with 2 hands and might as well use a towel to clean it. Really don’t understand how the size is such an issue here. No pun intended.
  • Teachers phone students – this was a weird one to grasp when I first got here. Teachers would say ‘Oh just ring him’ and my colleague and I would avoid it at all costs, its just well weird. Started to now every now and then if it’s urgent but weird how it’s a social norm here. Maybe cos we’re at college level they’re not really ‘school pupils’ anymore.
  • They’re a second camera. Granted the cameras on them are decent enough so it sorts of fits in with the whole idea that photography is so huge here. Our computer tech guy, who’s great guy and comes to talk to us all the time, comes and shows us his latest pictures on his phone and they’re all mint, artistic photos.
  • Wai – you never go long on the MTR or the street before a ringtone goes off and you get the Cantonese greeting of ‘Wai’ (said like ‘Why-eeee’) but maybe that’s with living in a city not necessarily Hong Kong. Everyone does have a phone though…
  • You can only buy 2 latest apple products if you are a resident. This is a huge issue. There are touts outside all the main electric goods store, selling iPhone 5s or the latest iPods that they brought in from the mainland. Turns out you have to apply into like a lottery to get the latest iPhone and only get 1 or 2 if your number is selected. No idea why this is the case, might be something to do with tax, limited availability or the fact that if the techno-loving population of 7.3 million people all had an iPhone 5, Hong Kong’s GDP would quickly become Apple’s profits.
  • We all got the shitest Samsung $189 phones when we arrived, which came with a $100 top up when we bought them) – so about £16 for all this. Worst phone ever that I luckily lost on a night out and now get to use my old Blackberry. Kids at school laugh that I still have a Blackberry. Bit harsh, kids, bit harsh.

Asian Vegas

On Saturday we headed to the Vegas of the East – Macau. I’d heard a lot of things about Macau – obviously you picture the Ocean’s 11 scene of Las Vegas for the casinos but also the beautiful Portuguese historical influence – but it was quite different to what I imagined it to be. We got a Groupon for $395 which included tickets for the Turbojet there and back, a meal at the Galaxy casino and hotel, an open-top tour bus ride and entry to Macau Tower’s observation deck (absolute bargain).


We didn’t get time to go to the old historical sites, but did see the old town – the bit you never see when James Bond’s there. The main bit is definitely the Casinos though, and these really are MEGA Casinos. The famous ones like the Lisboa, we didn’t get to visit this time, but will definitely hit them up next time. We went to the supercasinos on Taipa island (the one with less Portuguese old buildings) and hit the Galaxy Hotel and Casino for some food, then met Tommy and Flintoff at The Venetian. This one had canals inside the place, with gondolas,  a sky with stars on the ceiling like the Trafford Centre, St Mark’s Square imitation etc. We even sampled some ‘Macau’ lager as we hit the casino in the City of Dreams. In total, I lost about $700 despite being a few hundred up at one point but proper enjoyed the trip and the time we spent there. Can see how some people become really addicted to it too, no windows or clocks makes time a weird concept when you’re inside.



We had planned to stay during the night instead of book a room to stay over, so ended up getting the 3am ferry back to Hong Kong. Was a great weekend with the lads and we’ll definitely be hitting it again soon.