Being with the Chatteris Program in Hong Kong is a great chance to get out and around South-East Asia during the holidays off work.

The price for a return flight to some destinations can be as cheap as a weekend in Paris or a couple of heavy nights out, so I’m taking full advantage of this!

Here are my blogs about various places I’ve visited around Hong Kong so far.

The Philippines

My first major holiday was during the Christmas break 2012, to the island of Palawan in The Philippines. Our flight stopped at Manila and we had to journey across the dodgy city to get to the Domestic Airport on the other side of town. My blog here is like a diary of what we did. To summarise though, we spent the Christmas holidays in a beach paradise:


Tony, Adrian, Flintoff, Tommy and I headed to the ‘Vegas of the East’ one weekend in January 2013. I lost a lot of money, had a great time.


During the Chinese New Year break, Nat, Adrian and I went to Taipei, the capital city of Taiwan. A slightly cooler, more relaxed and more English-speaking international city than Hong Kong.


Nat and I headed to Singapore for a weekend in February. 2 days was enough time in the small city-state, and we had almost spent up after the first day. One of my favourite places in South-East Asia.

Mainland China

At Easter 2013, Nat, Rich and I went to Beijing for 4 days, before Nat and I got the bullet train to Xi’an, where the Terracotta Warriors are. After a couple of days there we got the overnight sleeper train to Shanghai, where we met back up with Rich to spend another 2 days there.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

One weekend in May, Tony, Adrian and I went to the capital city of Malaysia. An excellent holiday, beautiful place and a lot of fun.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City is one of the best in the world: VC tunnels, Mekong Delta and the War Remnants Museum were the main highlights!

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