24 degrees in Aberdeen?

Had a slow week at work this week as we’d already had our big monthly event for the kids – the Christmas Party – and the deadline day for the students’ forms (ones that say they’ve participated in English activities with us) had passed too. We’ve been watching films with a brew for days now, which is a great way to spend the last couple of weeks in work before the holidays. The kids (who are 19-21 years old) also really love making Christmas cards and paper snowflakes. I stopped doing this like mid-Primary School, so it’s very very weird to see them getting their kicks out of stuff like this. Just to show how much I’ve enjoyed this week at school, here’s a picture:

Been a busy week after school preparing for the pantomime which will be next Tuesday, 18th December. So not highly exciting waiting around during rehearsals especially since I’m only in scenes 1 and 6, but we make the best of it dicking around backstage and having a laugh. Wednesday night was good going to Jack, Jordan and Ian’s place for Homemade Mulled Wine and snacks, when we did the Secret Santa for Palawan, as there’s about 16 (-ish) of us going. On Friday night, we went out for Steph S’s birthday – Pub Golf style. Went down as one of the best nights we’ve had here yet – went to a lot of new places, met new people and had the normal Chatteris banter with everyone.  Thanks to Steph for organising it and getting some good drink deals!

598517_10151335858987040_952226682_nSaturday was football training and hangover day, as per. And at night we headed to Molly’s flat for a surprise half-birthday Irish party (we supplied the Baileys), and it was Davis’ actual birthday too. Great night there and although we weren’t on it with the beers to our usual standard it was still a great house party. Sunday was a more lively day. Nat and I went to Aberdeen in the morning to check it out. Not the seaside town I expected, with the main road right next to the harbour, and lots of local boat owners shouting their offers for a boat ride (one even sailing from the other side of the harbour…). Interestingly we saw the MTR Extension line under construction, which will be great when it’s completed. But it balls-ed up access to the famous Jumbo Kingdom floating restaurant so we had to get a taxi there. It was 24 degrees there, and I was in a t-shirt, shorts and flip flops…bit different to the Scottish Aberdeen on 16th December.



Nice place, Aberdeen, but it lacked the charm of Stanley that made me want to stay in Hong Kong for years. So after seeing the sights there, we got the bus to Stanley and its beauty didn’t disappoint again. Awesome views and great vibe there. Even saw some Carol Singers in the 24 degree heat.



We met up with Adrian there and got some beers to watch the sunset on some rocks, looking out in the harbour. We had bought a fresh young coconut to drink while we walked down there, but to be honest it had one of the rankest tastes ever. Felt I’d drank some medicine and had that strong nasal feeling like you get when you inhale paint or something. So we tipped the coconut milk out and filled it with beer instead. Course we did.

Me, Nat and Aids


Sunset in StanleyDSC09334

San Miguel in a Coconut.

We ended the week with a brew and the Stollen Mum had sent me over, watching Pax (Jeremy Paxman’s Empire). Joe would be proud. Another great week.

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