It’s kicking off…

I found an interesting short clip on BBC about Hong Kong identity. It was published, funnily enough, on my 22nd birthday in 2012 – the day we rented one of the old British-style trams for a Tram Party.

The on-going, sporadic displays of the British colonial flag at anti-China, anti-Beijing-influence protests is mentioned, as is the weird, subconscious feeling of fear that China will come out in force in 2047 and completely take over the city. Starting to get more and more information on this feeling, and what predictions there are for 2047, especially after this year’s protests against the National and Moral Education programme. That will have to wait for a while and a huge blog post, but for now, this video offers a nice reminder of the SAR’s unique identity – not British, not Chinese but Hong Kong.

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